Myrtle Beach Hotels: New Year’s Resolutions

By definition, a resolution is a firm decision to do or not to do something. Most of us will attempt to eat healthier, exercise more and spend out money more wisely. But how long will that really last? Studies show that 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail before February 1st. Well, Inlet Sports Lodge, one of the luxury Myrtle Beach hotels, is here to provide a few resolutions that you should incorporate into your life in 2019 to have one of the best years of your life!

Get Outside of Your Comfort Zone

We are all creatures of habit. Wake up, shower, drink a cup of coffee, eat breakfast, go to work, eat a sub-par lunch, come home, eat dinner, watch some television, go to bed and repeat the next day until the weekend. Break up the monotony! Instead of taking a lunch break, go do something fun in the middle of the day. Try new restaurants with unique offerings. Attempt to meet new people. Now, we aren’t saying to become Jim Carrey in ‘Yes Man,’ but could it hurt to mix it up a little? We think not!

Travel To Parts Unknown (To You)

Sure, we absolutely LOVE it when we have guests return year after year to Murrells Inlet who decide to stay at Inlet Sports Lodge and we encourage it! But why not take an extra vacation this year and go somewhere you’ve never been? Take a cruise to Alaska or drive up to Maine for a whale watching touch and the most delicious lobster roll you’ll ever eat in your life! Fly to the California coast and enjoy a fire on the beach with an ice cold beer. Take a weekend trip to Savannah to sit on the same bench that was once occupied by Tom Hanks In ‘Forrest Gump.’ Spin a globe and wherever your finger lands, book a trip! The world is your oyster…

Improve The Quality of Your Sleep

For anyone who has had kids or stress in their life, you know the importance of sleep. When you don’t get a solid 8 hours, your whole day feels off. With all of the technology that we have now, we are constantly around blue light, which triggers sleeplessness. What’s the last thing you do before going to sleep? You most likely check your phone. Depending on how long you are on your phone depends how much your sleep is affected. We recommend giving technology a break an hour before you plan on going to sleep. It’s worth a shot, right? Another way to improve the quality of your sleep is with a better mattress. Considering you spend at least a third of your ENTIRE LIFE in bed, having a high quality mattress is vital to your entire day.