How Did The Village of Murrells Inlet Get Its Name?

The Village of Murrells Inlet is located 20 miles north of Georgetown on U.S. Business 17. It is one of the oldest coastal communities in South Carolina. According to legend, during the early 1800s, pirates like Capt. Jack Murrell cruised into the inlet in search of fresh water and a site to moor their ships for barnacle removal.

Source: Murrells Inlet Online
Source: Murrells Inlet Online

Captain Jack Murrell had a reputation as being a nasty pirate. He was known for treating his crew bad. According to legend, Captain Jack’s crew eventually had enough and left the captain on the island with nothing except a few bottles of rum. However, Captain Jack snuck his treasure off of his ship and buried it on the island. When his crew returned to the island, now known as Drunken Jack’s Island, they did not find their captain. All they found were empty rum bottles and bones — no buried treasure. Over the years, archaeological digs on the island, now known as Drunken Jack’s Island have not resulted in any treasure finds. To this day the pirate’s booty is still hidden in Murrells Inlet.

Today, visitors and locals arrive by land as well as sea to this quaint fishing village on a beautiful salt marsh. The village calls itself the “Seafood Capital of South Carolina.”


You can sit pretty much anywhere along the MarshWalk and watch the fishing boats going out in the early morning and returning late in the day. The seafood here doesn’t get any fresher than this! Local restaurants and chefs are known for buying the daily catch right off the fishing boats.

The MarshWalk is located in the heart of Murrells Inlet. This is a half-mile wooden boardwalk that runs along a natural saltwater estuary. It boasts some of the most spectacular waterfront dining views and culinary fare in the Lowcountry region.

5 Awesome Myrtle Beach Fishing Charters

If you’ve haven’t ever been on a fishing charter you have to add it to your “Must Do On This Year’s Vacation” list. This time of year people are pulling some pretty big catches out of the ocean and we can assure you it’s one of those memories you will never forget. We’ve chosen five awesome Myrtle Beach fishing charters that would be happy to take you inshore or offshore fishing by the day, half day or extended day. All of these are just a short drive from where you’re staying at Inlet Sports Lodge. Many of these companies also offer cruises for those who don’t fish.

The deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean, just off the coast of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, make for some great fishing and provides the perfect opportunity to snag the big one. Many anglers choose the Myrtle Beach area for its abundance of fishing species that include marlin, grouper, snapper, black sea bass, trigger, king mackerel, and shark. There have been many trophy size fish pulled from these waters and it could happen to you! Because of the abundance of the fish population, fishing charters are available any time of the year, including during the winter months.

Fish Hook ChartersFish Hook Charters specializes in inshore and offshore private charters along the North Myrtle Beach coast. With over 25 years experience they can take you trolling for dolphin, tuna, Wahoo and mackerel during the warmer months of April-Sept. They use live bait for dolphin and king mackerel June, July and August, and go bottom-fishing for grouper, black bass, and snapper November through March. Call 843-283-7692 to make a reservation.
Shallow Minded Fishing ChartersIf you really want to find the big fish there is some exciting fishing to experience on Capt. Mark Dickson’s South Carolina fishing charter aptly named Shallow Minded Inshore Charters. Mark will show you that you don’t need to go out into the big ocean to get some majorly big fish. Capt. Mark’s fishing charters catch all sorts of fish including Redfish, Red and Black Drum, Flounder, Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish, Ladyfish and some Bonnethead Sharks in the shallower waters of the inlets. All-inclusive packages for half days and whole days are available. The fishing license, tackle, lures and bait are all provided. You can reach Capt. Mark at (843) 458-3055.
Low Country Fishing ChartersYou can count on Low Country Fishing Charters to provide you with a “private party” trip where you don’t share the charter boat with other people. Each outing is catered to the individual needs and desires of each group. Families are encouraged to bring their children out for their first chartered fishing trip. There are five captains experienced in both inshore and offshore fishing trips. Call them at (843) 222-7433.
Charter Fishing at Crazy Sister MarinaCrazy Sister Marina is where you’ll find a large assortment of fishing charters, cruises, dolphin watches, rentals of inlet boats, kayaks, jet skis and paddleboards. Their sport fishing charters will take you Gulfstream fishing, off shore fishing, shark fishing, and near shore fishing by the day, half day, or extended day. Boats have rest rooms, comfortable fighting chairs for reeling in the big catch and the latest electronics. Call (843) 651-3676 to make your reservations.
Hurricane Fleet Fishing CharterHurricane Fleet is one of the most modern fishing charter companies on the Atlantic Coast. They offer fishing charters in Myrtle Beach as well as North Carolina. From the air conditioned luxury of a large charter fishing boat, all are skippered by experienced captain and crews. Rod, reel, bait, tackle and fishing instructions if needed are all provided. For reservations, call (800) 373-2004.

Waterfront Dining In Murrells Inlet

Many of you will know that South Carolina is one of the most highly respected places in the world for seafood. But did you know that Murrell’s Inlet, SC is a hidden gem widely believed to offer the best Waterfront Dining options in the whole state?

Having said that, just like anywhere else, there are many restaurants of lesser quality that have tried to jump on the bandwagon. I’m writing this article to make sure you don’t waste your precious vacation time dining at a restaurant that’s anything less than exceptional.

Let’s get started.

Drunken Jacks Restaurant & Lounge


Drunken Jacks is a delicious seafood restaurant that you can find sitting in the well-known “Restaurant Row” in Murrells Inlet.

This restaurant stands above most other seafood establishments in the area not only because of its panoramic views and fabulous live entertainment, but also because of its highly experienced staff. Chef Casey Blake has been serving up award-winning seafood cuisine, traditional and unique, for over 22 years.

It’s the perfect place for you and your family to unwind after a long day on the water. So give them a visit today, and get ready for a dining experience unlike any other.

4031 U.S. 17
Murrells Inlet
SC 29576
(843) 651-2044

Wicked Tuna


Wicked Tuna is a delightful seafood/sushi/steak restaurant that you can find right in the heart of Murrells Inlet’s acclaimed Marsh Walk.

This restaurant exceeds most other comparable places in the area not only because of the gorgeous waterfront views but also because of the freshness of its seafood. In fact, their cuisine is caught and prepared fresh daily.

It’s the ideal place for you and your family to calm down after a long day on the water. So stop by today, and get ready to add a new favorite restaurant to your list.

4123 US-17 Bus
Murrells Inlet
SC 29576
(843) 651-9987

Creek Ratz


Creek Ratz is a highly-recommended restaurant serving fresh seafood, sandwiches, salads, appetizers, and pizza (all at affordable prices) that you can find on Murrells Inlet’s famous Marsh Walk.

This restaurant is superior to most other comparable places in the area not only because of their spectacular view or low prices but also because of their nightly live entertainment from local and nationally recognized bands. For more information, here’s a link to Creek Ratz’ entertainment schedule.

It’s the best way for you and your family to loosen up after a long day on the water. So check them out today, and get ready for a night you won’t soon forget.

4065 US-17 Bus
Murrells Inlet
SC 29576
(843) 357-2891

Dead Dog Saloon


Dead Dog Saloon is a mouthwatering restaurant serving up both seafood and bar-food classics with a twist. You can find them, like many of the restaurants on this list, along Murrells Inlet’s Marsh Walk.

This restaurant is a better choice than most other similar establishments in the area not only because of the unique setting and decor but also because of their famously large portions of food. According to one guest, their salad bowls are “big enough to fit inside a ’69 Cadillac steering wheel.”

It’s the greatest place for you and your family to sit back after a long day on the boat. So stop into the Dead Dog Saloon today, and get ready a dining experience as memorable as the food itself.

4079 US-17 Bus
Murrells Inlet
SC 29576
(843) 651-0664

Capt. Dave’s Dockside Seafood


Capt. Dave’s Dockside Seafood is a delectable seafood restaurant that you can find, once again, on Murrells Inlet’s Marsh Walk.

This restaurant surpasses most other seafood places in the area not only because of their fresh/locally-sourced seafood but also because of their strong sense of tradition. It’s no surprise that Captain Dave’s is serving up some of the best mid-century-esque coastal casual dining favorites because they’ve been family owned and run since 1974.

It’s the most highly-recommended way for you and your family to relax after a long day of vacationing. So go check them out today, and get ready to take your taste buds on a trip back in time, to experience the flavors that have made Murrells Inlet the seafood capital of SC.

4037 US-17 Bus
Murrells Inlet
SC 29576
(843) 651-5850

Gulfstream Cafe


Gulfstream Cafe is a heavenly seafood restaurant that you can find overlooking Murrells Inlet in Garden City, SC.

This restaurant is more desirable than most other seafood places in the area not only because of its combination of high-end cuisine with a laid-back atmosphere but also because of its beautiful views. In fact, the Gulfstream Cafe is the only restaurant on the Grand Strand overlooking the ocean on one side and Murrells Inlet on the other.

It’s the number one way for you and your family to simmer down after a long day on the water. So drop in today, and get ready an experience unique to South Carolina that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

1536 S. Waccamaw Dr.
Garden City
SC 29576
(843) 651-8808



Bovines is a tempting steak/seafood/pizza restaurant that’s located on the Marsh Walk in Murrells Inlet, SC.

This restaurant beats out most other places in the area with similar cuisine not only because of their oceanfront location or dockside delivery option (for when you just don’t want to leave the boat) but also because of their well-aged brick-oven. Their skilled Chefs use the oven to prepare some of the tastiest wood-fired steaks, seafood, and pizzas that you’re likely to have ever tasted.

It’s the best place for you and your family to breathe easy after a long day spent vacationing. So pay them a visit today, and get ready to have a new favorite steak restaurant.

3979 US-17 Bus
Murrells Inlet
SC 29576
(843) 651-2888

Marshview Seafood Kitchen and Bar


Marshview is a yummy local seafood restaurant that you can find within the Marsh View area of Murrells Inlet.

This restaurant is preferable to most other local seafood places in the area not only because of their open-air setup or hand-crafted decor but also because of their unique place and pick-up ordering system. This option is great because it practically guarantees a relaxed dining experience.

It’s the ideal way for you and your family to put your feet up after a long day on the water. So drop by today, and get ready for a dining adventure you’ll hope never ends.

4123 US-17 Bus
Murrells Inlet
SC 29576
(843) 651-3890

Wahoo’s Raw Bar & Marina


Wahoo’s Raw Bar & Marina is an appetizing seafood restaurant that’s right off Murrells Inlet’s Marsh Walk.

This restaurant is more exceptional than most other seafood places in the area not only because of its exceptional live music or relaxed dining experience but also because of its straightforward approach to cuisine. You won’t find any fancy items on Wahoo’s menu. Instead, they serve all the simple seafood recipes you’re used to – cooked to a level of perfection you’re unlikely to find elsewhere.

It’s the number one place for you and your family to feel at home after a long day spent vacationing. So pop in today, and get ready to change the way you think about traditional seafood dishes.

3993 U.S. 17
Murrells Inlet
SC 29576
(843) 357-2084

Nance’s Creekfront Restaurant


Nance’s is a highly-enjoyable seafood/steak restaurant that you can find on the South end of Murrells Inlet, SC.

This restaurant is better quality than most other comparable places in the area not only because of their affordable prices or beautiful views of the water but also because of their famous Local Oyster Roasts. These memorable roasts are known for their ability to bring customers back to Nance’s year after year.

It’s the greatest way for you and your family to get some relief after a long day on the boat. So stop by today, and get ready to add a new entry to your family’s list of places you must visit every year.

4883 US-17 Bus
Murrells Inlet
SC 29576
(843) 651-2696

So now that you’re armed with a list of the top Waterfront dining establishments in Murrells Inlet, the only thing left to do is get yourself down here and find your personal favorite.

Tried any of these restaurants and want to share your experience? We want to hear from you! Share your stories with us via Facebook or Twitter!

How To Pronounce “Murrells Inlet” Like A Local

What if I told you that the way you pronounce a single word could make or break your next vacation? That by simply getting it right you could unlock the greatest “hidden gems” your travel destination has to offer?

Too good to be true, right?

Read on.

how to pronounce murrells inlet sc

As Northern snowbirds make their way down South for the Winter, they bring with them the accents of their hometowns. Now, if you’ve visited the South for any length of time, you’ve noticed that we pronounce certain words much differently than our brothers and sisters up North.

One perfect example would be the word “Murrell”, as in “Murrells Inlet, South Carolina”. Often, tourists to the area will pronounce the word “Myurr-ells”, as if the word was spelled “Muirrells”. In reality, the name of this charming coastal town sounds like “Merr-ells”, as in “mer-maid”.

Now, mispronouncing a single word probably seems like no big deal, but it can actually have some vacation ruining effects. Think about it like this: what if someone came to your hometown and completely mispronounced its name when asking you for dinner recommendations? Of course, this would immediately peg them as a tourist.

This is not to say that there’s anything wrong with being a tourist – not in the least. Instead, it simply means that you would give that person the same recommendations you would give any vacationer. I don’t know about you, but that’s the last thing I want when I’m on a trip. I would much rather visit the area’s “hidden gems” – which are normally reserved for locals.

For example, the last time I took a trip to Puerto Rico, I made it a point to learn the correct pronunciation of a few areas that I was visiting. This got me in tight with my cab driver, who ended up taking me to his personal favorite restaurant for lunch. He even ended up ordering my meal for me, because noone there spoke English – talk about a truly local situation!

So now that you’re armed with the info you need to speak like a native, the only thing left to do is get yourself down here to Murrells Inlet SC and get the true local experience.

Are there any other commonly mispronounced local words you’ve come across? We want to hear about them! Share your stories with us via Facebook or Twitter!

Things To Do In Murrells Inlet In Winter

Things To Do This Holiday Season

With the summer weather come and gone, its an easy assumption that all interest has left beach towns like Murrells Inlet. But never fear, just ask any local and you’ll quickly learn that the exact opposite is true. The following is a list of some of the best things to do in Murrells Inlet, SC:

Murrells Inlet In Winter


  • Annual Christmas ParadeDec 6, 2015This annual Murrells Inlet event is the perfect way for your family to get into the holiday spirit. The parade will head down along Business 17 all the way to Pendergrass Avenue.

    Get there early to claim the best spot along the parade route!

  • MarshWalk Santa CrawlDec 12, 2015The activities for the first annual MarshWalk Santa Crawl will start at 5pm. Wear your favorite Christmas-themed clothing and celebrate the season, while enjoying all the best Murrells Inlet bars one at a time.

    The seven bars participating in the event all plan to serve Christmas drink and dining specials, along with providing the perfect live music to get you in the holiday spirit.

    Plan to get there early, because the first 25 guests to arrive at each location will recieve a free beaded shot glass necklace and a Santa hat. Also, at the end of the night, the group will be giving away a $1000 cash prize to the person whos outfit they feel best represents the Christmas spirit.

  • New Year’s Eve FireworksDec 31, 2015If you had fun at the Santa Crawl, or wanted to go but had other obligations, here’s another event perfect for you.

    It will feature the same seven bars and restaurants from the Crawl, who all plan on providing drink and dining specials appropriate for the season.

  • Brookgreen Gardens Holiday ExhibitNov 27, 2015 – Jan 3, 2016Come experience an event truly unique to Murrells Inlet, SC. The exhibit, titled “Holiday Memories: Trains, Trees, and Treasures” will feature amazing displays of electric model trains, period Christmas trees, and paintings by Angela Trotta Thomas, whose work has been compared to the likes of Norman Rockwell.

    The exhibit will be open daily.

  • Night of a Thousand CandlesDec 3, 2015 – Dec 19, 2015Here’s another exciting holiday event taking place at Brookgreen Gardens this holiday season. You’ll be awestruck when you witness the already beautiful Gardens lit by the soft glow of over 5,500 hand-lit candles and a plethora of brilliant lights between the hours of 3 – 10pm.

    The garden will also provide delicious cider to warm you up while you walk the paths and hear all the age-old
    sounds of Christmas. From the sound of hand bells ringing to carolers singing, it’s practically impossible to leave this event without a renewed sense of the Christmas spirit.

With so many exciting things to do this winter in Murrells Inlet, there’s really no excuse for boredom. The real question is – how will you fit it all in?

Getting Around In Murrells Inlet SC

If you’ve booked your next vacation at the beach, you’re likely already picturing yourself lounging on the beach, soaking up the sun with your loved ones. But there’s only so much relaxation one can take before they feel the urge to move around.

Lucky for you, the gorgeous sights of Murrells Inlet will make you forget the healthy dose of exercise you’ll be getting all the while. So without further ado, here are our favorite ways of getting around in Murrells Inlet SC.

Jet Ski

Crazy Sister Marina

  • 1-3 People To A Ski
  • 60 Minute Ride For Single Rider – $94
  • Additional $10 For Every Extra Rider On The Ski
  • Regular Discounts & Specials
  • Inlet & Ocean Routes
  • Navigation Guide For Safety

(Remember to bring: a picture ID to prove you’re over 18 (required to sign rental contract), must be at least 16 to ride. Reservations recommended.)

Express Watersports

  • All New 2015 Skis
  • Hourly Rentals
  • Inlet & Ocean Routes
  • Free Wet-Suit Rentals During Spring & Fall
  • Showers For Rinsing Off After Your Ride
  • Navigation Guide For Safety

(Also, don’t miss their Jet Ski Eco Tours – Guides will take you out into the ocean to witness the natural beauty and sea life of the area.)

Island Adventure Watersports

  • Yamaha VX Deluxe Jet Skis
  • Hourly Rentals
  • 1-3 Riders Per Ski
  • Instruction, Safety Equipment, and Gas Included
  • Reservations Strongly Encouraged

(Their 2 Hour Jet Ski Backcountry Adventure comes highly recommended by our guests. You’ll take a scenic ride through backcountry trails and have the chance to see local sea life and gorgeous views.)

Segway Tours & Rentals

Segs By The Sea/Myrtle Beach Segway Rentals

  • Daily & Hourly Rentals
  • Non-Guided Tours In Market Common District
  • “Weekend Special” For The Complete Segway Experience
  • Longer Rentals Available
  • Rentals Start At $39 For 1 Hour

(Reserving ahead of time is highly recommended.)

Golf Cart

Surfside Beach Golf Cart Rentals

  • 7 Day Rentals
  • Free Pick Up & Delivery
  • Must Be 21 Yrs Old With Valid Drivers License
  • Online Rentals Available

(Custom scheduling and pricing available.)

Woody’s Beach Rentals

  • Four Passenger Golf Cart – $225
  • Six Passenger Golf Cart – $325
  • Prices Represent Weekly Rates

Graham Golf Carts

  • Gas & Electric Carts
  • Rent By The Day, Weekend, or Week
  • Free Delivery & Pickup
  • Custom Pricing and Rental Duration Available


Surfside Beach Scooter Rentals

  • Free Delivery & Pickup
  • 2 Hour Rental – $30
  • Day Rental – $40
  • Overnight Rental – $50
  • Weekly Rental – $270

B.J.’s Scooters

  • Group, Multiple-Day, & Military Discounts
  • Free Lock & Helmet
  • Indoor Scooter Storage
  • Available 24/7

Eagle Rider Motorcycle Rentals

  • Rates Start At $65 Per Day
  • Max Speeds of 45 MPH
  • Helmets and Eye Protection Required By Law
  • Discounted Prices For Rentals Over 3 Days
  • Damage Waiver Offered

(Things to remember: must be at least 16 with a valid drivers license to drive. Must be 18 to sign the rental agreement.)

Car Rentals

Budget Car Rental

  • Full Refunds For Cancelling Before Pick-Up Time
  • 35% Off With The Pay Now Rate

(Don’t forget to bring the same ID and credit card that you used to make your reservation with you when you pick up the car.)

Thrifty Car Rental

  • Economy Cars Start At ~$15 A Day

Payless Car Rental

  • Economy Cars Start At ~$20 A Day

Party Buses And Limousines

Carolina Limousine

  • Voted Myrtle Beach’s Best Limo & Bus Company 7 Years In A Row
  • Chosen transportation provider of the Myrtle Beach Chamber

Extreme Limousine

  • Stretch & Super Stretch SUVs
  • Executive Sedans
  • Fitted With TV/VCR/DVD Players
  • Mirrored Ceilings, Neon Lights, & More

Atlantic Coast Limousine

  • Perfect For Weddings, Proms, Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties, Anniversaries, & More
  • Corporate Limo Service
  • Private Jet Limo Service

Bike Rentals

Woody’s Beach Rentals

  • Adult Bike – $40
  • Tandem Bike – $60
  • Trailing Bike – $25
  • Kid’s Bike – $40


  • Free Bike Delivery & Pickup
  • Must Have A Photo ID, Credit Card, And Must Sign Rental Agreement
  • Rentals start ~$15 A Day

Mr.C’s Bicycles

  • Oldest Bike Shop On The Grand Strand
  • Bike w/ Basket & Beverage Holder – $15 Daily
  • Lock, Helmet – $1 Each
  • Bicycle, Basket, Beverage Holder, Lock, Helmet – $50 Weekly

Boat Rentals

Beach House Boat Rentals

  • $375 Daily For A Yamaha SX190 8 Seater

Crazy Sister Marina

  • Inlet Boats – 17′ Carolina Skiffs, 50 HP, Up To 6 People
  • Pontoons – Push Button Start, Up To 10 People
  • $249-$359 All Day | $149-$259 Half Day | $1045-$1595 Weekly
  • Fishing Rods, Reels, and Crabbing Equipment Also For Rent

Island Adventure Watersports

  • 22′ Pontoons – 11 Person Capacity
  • Radio & iPod Connectivity
  • Fuel Is Complimentary
  • Reservations Strongly Encouraged

Walking And Jogging

Bike The Neck

  • 12 Mile Multi-Purpose Path
  • Runs Parallel To Huntington Beach State Park

Huntington Beach State Park

  • 26 Mile Trail
  • Runs From Murrells Inlet to Litchfield Beach
  • Passes Atalaya Castle

The Market Common

  • 2 Mile Paved Trail
  • Overlooks A Lake And Recreation Fields